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Introducing fast and UNLIMITED cache for your actions with `runs-on/cache`

Shockingly cheaper CI

  • On-premise
  • Cheaper AND faster
  • 1-1 compatibility with GitHub Action
  • x64 and ARM64, unlimited cache, custom images supported

What is RunsOn?

RunsOn is a software and CloudFormation stack that you install in your AWS account.

It receives workflow events from GitHub Action, and launches ephemeral EC2 instances to fulfill the workflow job requirements.

It is not a SaaS, and not an agent pinging external services. Everything is self-contained and runs in your private AWS account.

It comes with a free or paid flat license, at 300€/year. Return on investment is usually measured in a few weeks, or even days.

10x cheaper, 30% faster

Latest generation of AWS instances, fast volumes, and 10+ Gbps network. Your builds will be faster.

Use our calculator to see how much you can save compared to GitHub runners.

Get the runners your team deserves

Forget statically assigned runner types. Specify RAM, CPU, DISK size, at runtime. Make your runners fit your workflow needs, not the other way around.

Not a SaaS

Cut the middleman. Keep your code and workflow secrets private. RunsOn is installed in your own AWS account.

One-line change

1-1 workflow compatibility with official GitHub runners.

In fact, RunsOn is the maintainer of the AWS images for GitHub Action, for both x64 and ARM64.


- runs-on: ubuntu-latest
+ runs-on: runs-on,cpu=4,ram=16,disk=100
- runs-on: ubuntu-latest
+ runs-on: runs-on,runner=16cpu-linux,image=ubuntu22-full-arm64
- runs-on: ubuntu-latest
+ runs-on: runs-on,image=ubuntu22-base-x64,family=t3+t4
- runs-on: ubuntu-latest
+ runs-on: runs-on,family=m7a,ram=64,spot=false

RunsOn helped reduce our monthly CI costs from $1100 (third-party SaaS) to $400. Also because it is cheaper we increased the instance size, which made it faster and improved our iteration times by 2x.

Alec Mocatta
Founder at Tably
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I've been testing Kubernetes with ARC: more complex, each runner takes ~25 seconds to boot (on an existing node), far less attractive than the simplicity of RunsOn.

Tim Petricola
Software Engineer at Alan
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Giving your engineering teams more CPU power means they have more time to develop software instead of waiting on builds to complete.

Natalie Somersall
DevSecOps Engineer at GitHub
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CI times are down from ~30 mins to 12 mins, thanks to the larger instances. S3 being faster also helped our one not-very-parallel job.

Alec Mocatta
Founder at Tably
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