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Shockingly cheaper self-hosted runners

Remove 90% of your GitHub Actions spend, for 300€ per year. Faster builds. Fully on-premise, in your AWS account.


RunsOn 16 CPU
$0.15 22.08min
GitHub 16 CPU
$2.00 31.20min


RunsOn 16 CPU
$0.07 10.35min
GitHub 16 CPU
$0.72 11.18min


RunnerRunsOnGitHubRunsOn vs GitHub
2cpu-linux-x64$0.0011$0.00807.2x cheaper
4cpu-linux-x64$0.0019$0.01608.6x cheaper
8cpu-linux-x64$0.0034$0.03209.5x cheaper
16cpu-linux-x64$0.0068$0.06409.4x cheaper
32cpu-linux-x64$0.0114$0.128011.3x cheaper
64cpu-linux-x64$0.0147$0.256017.4x cheaper

$/min, us-east-1 prices. Includes compute + storage costs for the most recent EC2 family types (m7a*,m7i*, m7g*).
Savings are even higher if you include the speed gains or switch to previous-generation instance types.

The modern way to run GitHub Actions

Faster, cheaper, and more secure

RunsOn can be installed in your private AWS account in 10 minutes, so that you can benefit from self-hosted GitHub Actions runners, at a much cheaper price, and with access to faster runners.

All while keeping your repository content and secrets safe.

Thanks to deep integration with AWS services, RunsOn is the only solution to come with fast, unlimited caches, including docker layers. And no limit on concurrency.

  • ✅ Faster. Raw CPU performance is up 30% compared to official runners.
  • ✅ Cheaper. Between 7x to 15x cheaper than official runners.
  • ✅ Scalable. Handles bursts of multiple hundred jobs at once without issue. No concurrency limit.
  • ✅ Full workflow compatibility with official GitHub runners. You can also bring your own images.
  • ✅ Low maintenance. A single CloudFormation template with all the resources, 1-click install, 1-click upgrades.


RunsOn is available in 10 AWS regions. Use the installation guide to setup the CloudFormation stack and your private GitHub App in 10 minutes.


Replace default runner:

- runs-on: ubuntu-latest
+ runs-on: runs-on,runner=2cpu-linux-x64

4 CPUs, x64 with 16 or 32GB ram across all m7*, r7*, c7* families, larger disk:

- runs-on: ubuntu-latest
+ runs-on: runs-on,runner=4cpu-linux-x64,family=m7+r7+c7,ram=16+32,disk=100

16 CPUs, ARM64, explicit instance family:

- runs-on: ubuntu-latest
+ runs-on: runs-on,runner=16cpu-linux-arm64,family=c7g

32CPUs, on-demand only, custom AMI:

- runs-on: ubuntu-latest
+ runs-on: runs-on,runner=32cpu-linux-x64,ami=my-custom-ami,spot=false

Join companies that get faster CI, at lower cost

Easy to setup. 85% cheaper than GitHub Actions.

-- Maxime Laurenty, Head of Infrastructure at Spinergie

Our main repository saw an average decrease in CI runtime of 35%. Another repository could fully utilize 16 threads, which dropped its runtime by 75%.

-- Timo Schäfer, Software Engineer at Wikando

RunsOn helped reduce our monthly CI costs from $1100 to $400 (third-party SaaS), [i.e. 80% cheaper than GitHub]. Also because it is cheaper we increased the instance size, which made it faster and improved our iteration times by 2x.

-- Alec Mocatta, Founder at Tably

By leveraging AWS with ECR, RunsOn helped cut our cache restore and image pull times by 80% and 60% respectively. The added bonus of an unrestricted distributed cache via S3 for developer workstations, GPU spot instances via EC2 for our simulations, and retained GitHub Action integration more than justified our infrastructure migration.

-- Ruffin White, Senior Robotics Engineer at Dexory

I've been testing Kubernetes with ARC: more complex, each runner takes ~25 seconds to boot (on an existing node), far less attractive than the simplicity of RunsOn.

-- Tim Petricola, Software Engineer at Alan

Less than 10 min to test, install and use the product. You can finetune any workflow (CPU, RAM, machine type/size..) depending on your needs. The cache download speed is blazing fast thanks to amazon s3 endpoint. Pricing is transparent, pay only what you use with no overage.

-- Christopher Brookes, SRE at Choose

We've been using RunsOn for our organization's hosted GitHub Actions runner service and it has been a game-changer. The platform is reliable, user-friendly, and helps us streamline our workflows efficiently. We highly recommend RunsOn to anyone looking for a seamless CI/CD solution.

-- Sebastian Mellen, Co-Founder, CEO at Cerebrum

We've just started using self hosted runners, and we were looking into possible solutions, including running them in Kubernetes, but then we found RunsOn: it's definitely what we needed! The fact that instances are compatible with the github hosted runners made the transition very smooth.

-- Michele Sorcinelli, Site Reliability Engineer at Citizens Advice UK

We used the default GHA runners before. The main reason for switching was the need for ARM runners. Overall I'd say we've seen a 2-3x speedup for ~25% of the GHA cost.

-- Jared Borner, Software Engineer at Sift

CI times are down from ~30 mins to 12 mins, thanks to the larger instances. S3 being faster also helped our one not-very-parallel job.

-- Alec Mocatta, Founder at Tably

Low maintenance

RunsOn comes as a CloudFormation stack that you install in your own AWS account (10 regions supported). Usual cost is between $1.5 and $5/month. One-click install, one-click upgrades.

The server receives workflow events from GitHub Action, and launches ephemeral EC2 instances to fulfill the workflow job requirements (see architecture).

No need to manage a Kubernetes cluster with Action Runner Controller (ARC), or deploy complicated, half-maintained stacks.

CloudFormation stack


RunsOn automatically publishes metrics for consumed minutes across repository, workflows, runner types, and result (success, failure).

Can be used to monitor the most expensive workflows, detect anomalies, and gain insights into failure rates of your workflows.

Integrated CloudWatch metrics


If you are concerned about scalability, some users are running many thousands of jobs EVERY HOUR, without any issues:

Job stats

10x cheaper, up to 30% faster

Latest generation of AWS instances, fast volumes, and 10+ Gbps network. Your builds will be faster.

Use the calculator to see how much you can save compared to GitHub runners. Look at the benchmarks to see how much faster your runners can be.

Unlimited concurrency

Tested with hundreds of concurrent jobs at once.


One-line change

1-1 workflow compatibility with official GitHub runners. In fact, RunsOn is the maintainer of the AWS images for GitHub Action, for both x64 and ARM64.

Get the runners your team deserves

Forget statically assigned runner types. Specify RAM, CPU, DISK size, at runtime. Make your runners fit your workflow needs, not the other way around.

10x cheaper, for 10 minutes of work

You can always switch back to official runners at any time.

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