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RunsOn is a powerful tool that can significantly reduce your CI bill. By supporting the development of RunsOn, you are not only ensuring its sustainability, but also contributing to the continuous improvement of the tool, which in turn benefits you and the entire community.

Your support is crucial in keeping RunsOn up-to-date and competitive.

License types

RunsOn comes with a free license that allows full usage for personal use, or by non-profit companies.

Other users must buy one of the Commercial licenses. If you are an OpenSource project, you might qualify for a free license.

Non-commercial license

For personal use, and non-profit organizations. Email support.


Buy license (30-day free trial)

Commercial license

For clever companies that want to reduce their CI bill. License fee is usually recouped within the first month of savings. Email support.


Buy license (30-day free trial)

❤️ Sponsorship license

Commercial license with dedicated support, and sponsor badge with link on project homepage.


Buy license (30-day free trial)

What is included in the license

The license allows access and use of the following:

  • a CloudFormation template to setup the required bits of infrastructure in your own AWS account (installation in a sub-account is recommended)
  • a Docker image containing the code required to react to workflow jobs being started and terminated.
  • the base AMIs, to maintain 1-1 workflow compatibility between GitHub and RunsOn.

And regular updates to the points above.

Can I make updates to the source code?

Yes, you can freely modify the source code for your internal usage, as long as you keep the license terms.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes, all licenses come with a 30 day free trial.

Do I need to pay for my AWS resources?

Yes, the license only covers access and updates to the RunsOn stack. Any runner started by RunsOn will be billed directly to your AWS account.

You can find the prices you can expect from AWS runners on RunsOn, using the calculator.

How to ensure that I do not spend too much money on runners?

Every day, a cost recap is sent to a specific email that you provide at installation time, with the daily cost over the last 15 days, so that you can quickly see if something weird is happening.

There is also a default CloudWatch alarm set, which will immediately alert you by email if your usage goes over 6000 minutes of runtime per day.

Finally, metrics about your workflow jobs are sent to CloudWatch (under the RunsOn namespace), so you can set more alarms or build a dashboard, to get the monitoring and alerting you need.