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GitHub Action pricing calculator

With RunsOn, you can potentially save thousands of dollars per year on your workflow costs.

On this page you will find:

  • a comparison table of official GitHub action runners prices vs RunsOn machines on AWS.
  • a chart to visualize your savings compared to GitHub, for various numbers of minutes consumed and runner types.

Pricing per min for GitHub vs RunsOn

Note: this is the pricing with the most recent EC2 family types (m7a*,m7i*). You can get even more savings by switching to previous-generation instance types.

RunnerRunsOnGitHubRunsOn vs GitHub
2cpu-linux-x64$0.0011$0.00807.2x cheaper
4cpu-linux-x64$0.0018$0.01609.0x cheaper
8cpu-linux-x64$0.0026$0.032012.4x cheaper
16cpu-linux-x64$0.0055$0.064011.5x cheaper
32cpu-linux-x64$0.0091$0.128014.1x cheaper
64cpu-linux-x64$0.0155$0.256016.5x cheaper
$/min, us-west-2 prices.
Includes compute + storage costs.
Savings are even higher if you include the speed gains.


  • GitHub Action runners are free for public repositories, so obviously the GitHub prices only apply for minutes used in private GitHub repositories.
  • The RunsOn prices are for the most recent and fastest instance types (m7a/c7a). If you accept to use (still faster than GitHub!) previous-generation instance types, you can get even cheaper prices!