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Changelog v1.6.1 - ARM64 full image, support for S3 cache for workflows

RunsOn v1.6.1 has just been released 🎉.

Availability of ARM64 full image

New image name available: ubuntu22-full-arm64.

This image is mostly compatible with the GitHub Action ecosystem. It also has a lot of development and CI tooling (docker, kubernetes, nodejs, various languages, etc.) preinstalled. As soon as GitHub releases an official image, we will align the RunsOn image towards theirs.

Boot times for ARM64 full image is only 20s, vs 40s for the x64 full image.

Support for unlimited cache to S3

RunsOn will now create an S3 bucket dedicated to cache artefacts. This bucket will be automatically accessible to the runners thanks to an IAM EC2 Instance Profile, so that no credentials need to be setup.

Then, simply replace actions/cache@v4 with runs-on/cache@v4 and your workflows will now store their caches on the local S3 bucket, which allows for:

  • much faster download/restore speed (300MB/s+ vs 50-100MB/s on GitHub)
  • UNLIMITED cache storage size (GitHub only gives you 10GB).

Pretty excited about that one! You can read more about it here.

s3 action cache

New info in logs

Added AMI ID, as well as availability zone in log outputs

Log outputs