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Changelog v1.7.2 - Streamline install procedure

RunsOn v1.7.2 has just been released 🎉.

What’s Changed

  • instant reload after first setup
  • fix templates
  • fix request limit exceeded errors for RunInstances API and DescribeInstanceTypes API
  • check license key
  • remove nodemon from prod
  • no longer log health check requests
  • unify logging formats, tag all lines with workflow job details for easy troubleshoot
  • allow runner config to define image, spot, ssh settings
  • specify IMDSv2 (closes #24).
  • add run-id, job-name and job-id to instance tags
  • publish consumed minutes across many dimensions:
    • Repository
    • WorkflowName
    • WorkflowJobConclusion
    • WorkflowJobName
    • InstanceType
    • InstanceLifecycle
    • ImageId
    • RunnerId