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Cost and alert report

RunsOn takes cost control seriously, since you will be tempted to use beefy runners to expedite your workflows.

Cost control

CloudWatch alarm if daily usage goes over threshold

RunsOn automatically creates a CloudWatch alarm, which will be triggered if the daily number of minutes consumed goes over a threshold that you define (default: 4000 minutes/day).

Automatic termination to avoid dangling resources

All instances are bootstraped with 2 watchdogs, to ensure they are not left running even if GitHub doesn’t send the completion webhooks (this happens).

  • instance will automatically terminate after 20 minutes, if a workflow job has not been scheduled on the machine.
  • instance will automatically terminate after 12 hours, no matter whether a workflow is still running on the machine.

Cost reports right in your inbox

RunsOn automatically reports daily costs for the RunsOn resources. Those are sent to the email configured at installation time:

cost report

CloudWatch metrics

RunsOn publishes the number of minutes consumed, under the CloudWatch Metric namespace RunsOn. You can thus graph and specify custom CloudWatch Alarms for those metrics.

This is an area that will see improvements in the near future, with additional metrics for CPU and Memory usage for your workflows.


With GitHub Action you cannot (currently) easily see the reason of a failure, without looking at the RunsOn application logs.

That’s why RunsOn automatically reports errors by sending them to the configured email.

In case lots of errors occur in a short time, errors will be batched in a single email: