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Changelog v1.6.2 - Restore launch queue size to sane limit

RunsOn v1.6.2 has just been released 🎉.

This is mostly a maintenance release, but important for the users who are launching a lot of runners in a short time.

By default EC2 has pretty aggressive rate limits set on the RunInstances API (2/s, with some burst allowed), and if you go over that limit, your runner will fail to start and RunsOn will  send you an email alert telling you about it (RequestLimitExceeded).

Until now the queue size was set to 8/s, but since most users are using new accounts to install RunsOn, it can cause issues with the low default of max 2/s.

So from now on RunsOn will default to 2/s as well, and if your account has increased quota for the RunInstances API, you can then specify a higher number by using the new CloudFormation template AppEc2QueueSize:

EC2 queue size setting

Have a great day!