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RunsOn comes as a CloudFormation stack + on-premise Go service, which starts ephemeral runners for your GitHub Action workflows.

Everything runs in your AWS account.

This is a drop-in replacement for official or third-party GitHub Action runners.


I’m currently gauging interest in other platform support (MacOS / Windows). Please fill out this form if interested!

Use cases

Using self-hosted runners can be useful if:

  • your developers are frustrated with long wait times for test suites or compilations;
  • your bill for GitHub runners starts to trigger enquiries from finance;
  • you need runners with a higher number of CPUs / RAM / Disk / Architecture / GPU support, than what GitHub offers.
  • you want runners running in your own AWS account with specific public IPs (coming soon) so that you can whitelist them in external services;
  • you already use a self-hosted runner solution, but need something simpler and maintenance-free.